Africa Michael Poliza

Small Format Edition

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Author: Michael Poliza
Sku: 79866-us
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9866-6
EAN: 9783832798666
Format: 9 5/6 x 12 3/5 in.
408 pp, 180 color photographs
Text: German, Spanish, English, French and Italian
Weight: 3,2 kg

  • World-renowned photographer Michael Poliza’s best seller re-released—now in a smaller format and as an inexpensive hardcover edition
  • Discover the impressive continent in all its fascinating beauty
  • Breathtaking photographs that simply have to be seen

Africa is a source of amazing bio-diversity and home to some of the planet's most spectacular landscapes. The sights of this awe-inspiring continent are captured with consummate skill and sensitivity by master lensman Michael Poliza. With extensive experience photographing the animals and terrain of Africa, Poliza's viewpoint is shaped by his concern for the fragile eco-systems he chronicles. These images embody the soul of Africa's flora and fauna with a true artist's eye for color and composition. This book will be enjoyed for years to come. Poliza started as a child actor on German TV, then founded several highly successful IT ventures in the US and Germany. His "STARSHIP MILLENNIUM VOYAGE," around the world on a 75 ft expedition yacht, was avidly followed by millions via internet. Poliza now focuses mainly on filming and photography, including work for the Discovery Channel. He spends a great deal of time based in Cape Town, and is a pioneer in the use of digital photography for coffee table books.

  • Forewords by Florian Langenscheidt, Colin Bell and Uta Gruenberger
  • An ideal gift, both for the lover of fine art photography and the keen naturalist
  • A timeless collection highlighting the beauty of Africa's natural riches
  • WWF Germany has announced Michael Poliza as WWF Ambassador

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