New York Vertical small format Horst Hamann

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Author: Horst Hamann
Sku: 80370-us
ISBN: 978-3-8238-0370-6
EAN: 9783823803706
Format: 6 x 13 in.
168 pp, 66 b/w photographs
Weight: 0,9 kg

Some people may mistakenly overlook this book because of the novelty of its central idea--upending a panoramic camera to shoot New York City vertically. But veteran photographer Horst Hamann's pictures have nothing gimmicky about them; in fact, they seem destined for New York City photo immortality. The pictures are beautifully controlled--in vision, in camera technique, and in printing. On a shelf of New York books, this one might take its place next to Paul Goldberger's classic, The City Observed, as a fresh example of how New York's stone, steel, and glass architectural icons are reinvented with each new visionary.

New York Vertical small format