MOVE and WORK Malene Birger

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Author: Malene Birger
Sku: 79809-us
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9809-3
EAN: 9783832798093
Format: 11 x 14 1/6 in.
240 pp, 100 color and 100 b/w photographs
Hardcover with jacket
Text: German, Spanish, English and French
Weight: 3,2 kg

  • MOVE and WORK continues the story of Malene Birger's first successful book Life and Work
  • The Danish designer and artist shares her life, her style, and her work
  • Birger’s artworks are prominently featured in MOVE and WORK
  • Many of the photographs featured in MOVE and WORK are shot by Malene Birger herself
  • A fascinating insight into Malene Birger's private spaces and studios 

Malene Birger is the epitome of creativity, timelessness, and eclectic style. Whether as a fashion designer and founder of her brands, latest By Malene Birger, or as an interior designer, until now only expressed in her own homes and offices—Malene Birger’s love for uncompromising design and traditional craftsmanship is everywhere in evidence. In her latest book MOVE and WORK the self-proclaimed nomad, who searches around the world for inspiration, grants an exciting insight into her three homes and her workshop and studio in Copenhagen that amaze with their limitless wealth of design and ideas. BIRGER1962 is a creative studio dedicated to design, interior and art and will provide others with a source of inspiration on how to redecorate and rearrange their own homes and spaces. Thanks to numerous personal and professional moves, Malene Birger is the best example of how to create new environments using one's existing furniture, yet moving forward and adding new expressions. Her houses are a perfect mix of old and new, craftsmanship and modernity, art and influences from other cultures. Malene Birger lived in Mallorca for 6 years and moved to London in 2013, where she is now based and from where she works today.